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If this is your first time here, please read the Frequently Asked Questions and Healing Information pages. After doing that, If you still have questions contact me. I recommend you experience my healing ability before ordering a session. You can get a mini-healing from my healing videos or sign up for the free group healing session.

I give distance healing by being in a meditative state and then establishing a long-distance connection with you, using the reiki long-distance symbol. To establish the connection with the person, pet or place being treated, I use unique identifiers to tune into that frequency of the unique person, place or thing, using items such as full name, geographic location and photographs. I do NOT give a distance healing over the phone or face-to-face by using Skype. I give distance healing by being in a meditative state which I feel goes deeper than what I can achieve while engaged on the phone or computer.

I offer three basic healing choices which concentrate energy differently in the body. I always do intuitive sessions. All my healing techniques are effective for whole body treatment or whatever concern you may have. This is because once vibration starts, the nervous system fires and energy can go anywhere it is needed in the body and indeed it does. The reality is I am not doing the energy healing, nor can I control where energy works or moves in your body. The healing is done by your own internal healer. The most I ever do is I may concentrate energy in one area, which I do intuitively being guided by 'seeing' where energy is naturally concentrated or working in your body. You can select from one of these basic options: .

1. You can request Specific Concern you want healing for, such as concern in body, mind, emotions, pet, place or a past event.
2. You can request Chakra Activation, to energize the main energy centers on spine.
3. You can request Shaktipat, to raise overall vibration to highest level in mind or body for self-realization or healing.

Specific Concern: For specific concern you want healing for, I request healing for your concern, then use my intuition to guide me during the session. I find you get best result if you request one healing concern, that which you feel is most troublesome, rather than a long list of concerns. A concern can be a chakra, an area of the body, emotions, etc. Sometimes a healing is as simple as just applying my palms to the area in body you requested healing for and other times it is intuitive. The result you get, depends upon what you asked for and where the source of the blockage is. Healing for pets and places is most effective with a photo. I think 30 minutes is optimum time for healing of pets and inanimate objects.

Chakra Activation: I do a Chakra session using Reiki, activating each chakra by placing my palms on each chakra in this order: feet chakras, palm chakras, root (security), sacral (sexual), solar (will power), heart (compassion and emotion), throat (self-expression), brow (insight) and end with the crown (awakening) chakra. I may also do palm positions where I feel low energy or move between chakras as needed. I stay on each chakra as long as needed to get it activated before preceding to the next. After all chakras are activated, I then run energy between the root and crown chakras while being in a meditative state, until the end of the session. Chakra session is good for those working on emotions and special chakra concerns, re: security, sexual healing, will power, releasing emotions, healing traumas, increasing insight or opening the 3rd eye to name a few. A chakra healing increases energy vibration focused along the spine to help open each chakra energy center or open larger energy blocks. *** Important: I do not always get through all chakras in one session, sometimes one of your chakras needs opening more and it can turn out that an entire session is mostly on one chakra. For 1/2 hour sessions, you should request lower or upper chakras as 30 minutes is not enough time to get through all of them. ***

Shaktipat: The shaktipat healing technique focuses energy into quieting the mind and entering a deep altered state of consciousness. The goal is to simply increase vibration to the highest level, where the most profound healing occurs. This is good option for either healing or awakening. I send the shaktipat distantly in a meditative state (not on phone or skype). I start by raising the energy vibration in your body, then simply focus on running energy with no intention to move it anywhere. I am simply in a deep altered state, entrained to you via the distant connection, and this will increase your vibration in mind and body. I limit using my mind to remember details where I saw energy working in the body as this is counter-productive to deep altered state. But I do tend to remember some things, just so you know these reports are very brief. Through the principle of entrainment I can increase your vibration rate with distant shaktipat. This may or many not result in a spontaneous awakening or an Epiphany for you. The result you get depends upon your current state of evolution and what you are ready for and strong enough to trigger. Shaktipat is actually the highest level of healing I give and I feel it is excellent for any concern you have, from awakening to healing. Shaktipat is most effective with a photo, although it is not required .

Kundalini Awakening & General Help Consultation

I offer phone consultation to discuss matters that concern you, whether it is general healing matter, awakening concern or anything else. This is not a phone healing session, it is you and me having a talk. I do not have any format for the consultation; it is free format, spontaneous and intuitive. You relay to me your concerns or just share and I listen and reply. I mostly intend this service to those with Kundalini syndrome, kundalini crisis, spiritual emergency or spiritual crisis.

To have a discussion we need to schedule a time and date for the phone call in advance, like any other appointment, that is convenient for us both. I am in central time zone, Madison, Wisconsin, United States. As a general guideline, I am available for phone calls on Monday through Saturday between 11AM to 9 PM (but this can vary by day depending upon my schedule) and on average it needs 3 days to get an opening.

At the moment I offer USA phone calls or Skype to Skype Internet calls. I do not have international calling service, but I can receive an international phone call. If you are in another country and want to use the phone, you would need to call me and pay whatever fees are charged for that phone call in addition to the fee you paid for the session. Skype to Skype internet call is accepted from any location and there is no charge for connection because it goes through Internet, but please be sure you have your Skype connection working smoothly (do test call within Skype and make sure your ear buds and microphone work) a day before the talk, as I will not have reserved time to do technical trouble shooting and I think you would not want to pay me for that...



For online payments, I accept Paypal. Paypal allows you to pay with Credit or Debit card using their Secure Checkout system, WITHOUT you needing to make an account and does NOT charge you a fee. You can order using PAYPAL by pushing the buy now buttons next to the services below. Paypal automatically sends me an email notification of your payment.

I also accept cash ($USD, at your own risk), personal check ($USD, wait to clear), postal money order ($USD), and Western Union Money Transfer ($USD). If you prefer one of these payment options, then contact me and I will send you information needed to complete the payment.

After you have paid for a session(s), I will contact you via email requesting information such as: full name, photo, geographic location, date and time you want your healing or talk and get your healing concern. On average, you can get your session as soon as 3 days after ordering it. I work Monday through Saturday, taking off Sundays and major holidays. After we agree upon the date, time and focus for the session, then I will send confirmation email to you with additional information about the session.

Please be sure to add my email address to your safe sender or contact list in your Email, so that my correspondence to you does not land in the spam folder. I respond to all requests within 24 hours. If you don't hear back from me be sure to check your spam or junk mail folder.

*** All of my distance healing's and shaktipat's are done meditatively, they are NOT done over the phone or using Skype. ***

IMPORTANT: Average Wait Time To Get An Appointment is 1 Week.

Healing / Shaktipat / Consultation (60 Minutes) Healing / Shaktipat / Consultation (30 Minutes)
1 Session - $40 1 Session - $20
2 Sessions - $70 2 Sessions - $35
4 Sessions - $136 4 Sessions - $68
6 Sessions - $200 6 Sessions - $100
8 Sessions - $260 8 Sessions - $130
Healing / Shaktipat (60 Min.)
Healing / Shaktipat (30 Min.)
Phone Consultation (60 Min.)
Phone Consultation (30 Min.)

I look forward to working with you!

Love & Blessings,