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Privacy Policy of Betsy's Distant Healing Services website

Any and all personal and contact information (full name, geographical location, telephone numbers, email addresses, photos, personal notes or letters, etc.) you share with me through the contact points on this website will only be used by me to make contact with you and/or answer your question. All information you give me will be strictly and totally confidential - between you and me. I will never repeat, disclose to another, resell or publish information you share confidentially with me. This holds for today and into the future. 

 All financial information collected here to pay for services is entered through secure servers on PayPal, which you can trust is totally secure and safe as much as any large financial server is on the Internet today. This website has no vehicle to access your financial information which you submit to paypal. This is all entered via their secure server (HTTPS) on paypal, which you will see as https in the status bar.  

Love & Blessings,