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Frequently Asked Questions about Betsy's Distance Healing

What kinds of healing symptoms or reactions might I experience?
What conditions can be helped by an energy healing?
How long does one distance healing last?
What are your qualifications to be an effective distance healer?
How does energy healing work?
How do you give a distant healing?
How do you treat my specific problem?
Can I learn how to do reiki healing myself?
What should I do to prepare to receive a distant healing?
Is it painful to heal?
How do I know you are really sending a distance healing & that it works?
What should I do after the distance session is over?
Additional Healing Information

 What kinds of healing symptoms or reactions might I experience?

Below are common ‘healing reaction’ symptoms, which normally have a life span of a few seconds and up to 30 minutes and then recede. It is unusual to experience more than one at a time, they usually occur singularly and DO NOT HAPPEN EVERY TIME. Healing Reactions / Healing Symptoms (1 second – 30 minutes in duration): Tingling, numbness, muscle cramps with slight pain, intestinal rumbling, passing gas or belching, jerks, twitches, reflexive response of body, small spasms, hearing tones in ears, seeing ‘stars’ or flashing lights with eyes closed, chills, hot flash, shivering, sweating, sudden change in hearing, ringing in ears, tone in ears, vision, taste, smell or sense of touch (usually more enhanced and then fading), change in thirst, food cravings, fatigue, insomnia, rashes, pimples, hives, feeling of insects crawling on skin/itching, headache or skull pressure, cracking or popping sound in skeleton or skull bones, popping in ears, muscle aches, joint swelling, shivers, sneezing, increase in bowel movements, nasal drainage, jaw clicks, increase in urination, sudden bowel cleaning, falling asleep during treatment, rapid eye movements, feeling of vibration in the body, retrieval of repressed memory or trauma, shocks in body, light shows like seeing stars, feeling strong rushes of energy along spine, strong emotional outbursts, change in perception, vivid colors and more …

What conditions can be helped by an energy healing?

To give you an idea, an Energy healing can help with the following things: Energy boost, disease of any kind, personal growth, transformation, assisting with natural healing, chronic disease, chronic pain, stress release, stress relief, mind healing, emotional healing, chronic illness, headaches, fatigue, low energy, chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, menopause symptoms, personal growth, back pain, circulation problems, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, Parkinson’s, ALS, spine/brain trauma, coma, neurological disorders, anxiety, depression, mental health, Autism, Attention deficit disorder, anorexia, bulimia, eating disorder, poor concentration, immune system disorders, sinus problems, increasing awareness, transformational growth, kidney problems, sports injuries, addictions, facing challenges, overcoming phobias, facing fear, kundalini awakening, chakra balancing, kundalini transformation, kundalini, shaktipat.

How long does one distance healing last?

The distance healing session is one hour long, yet the effects of it can last for many months. Through the physics principle of entrainment, your body will try to match my vibration, my vibration will slow down as it tries to match yours and yours will speed up. Through this physical process the nervous system is excited and a force is generated in the body, which has the side effect to ‘do work’ in your body to open and enhance reduced flows of energy at neuromuscular junctions in your body. When flows are enhanced and opened at the lowest level, then later when cells in this area of the body are replaced, it results in healed tissue. This is why one distant healing can have lasting effects over several months. The more energy healing's you have, the more profound the healing can be and the longer it can last.

What are your qualifications to be a distance healer?

I have healed myself of various diseases and congenital problems and have been working as a healer of others for over 6 years. I feel my most important qualification to call myself a master healer is that I have been working on self-healing for the last 20 years and have given myself thousands of hours of reiki healings using acupressure techniques. From this effort, I got a result and a spontaneous healing and kundalini awakening was triggered in 2005. Part of this healing is I am being cured from a congenital birth defect which before this happened I would never have believed was possible. This process is near to completion, and I continue to work with meditation and self-healing each day, which keeps my vibration level high. Each day since the kundalini awakening triggered, my energetic vibration increases which I still find amazing, that it continues to go higher. Every day my ability to heal others is stronger as my own healing progresses. Because of the healing result I get in my own body and abundant positive reports from people I send distance healings too, I am confident of my ability to be an effective distance healer. It is more correct to say I am not a healer but rather an effective catalyst to boost your own ability to heal yourself.

How does energy healing work?

I am a good catalyst to boost your own healer’s ability to heal yourself. This is because an energy healer actually can’t heal you, only you can heal yourself. Due to my energy healing work, the result is my energetic vibration is very high, because part of healing is enhancing and expanding the central nervous system and also why my distant healing's are so effective. Through the physics principle of entrainment, your body will try to match my vibration, my vibration will slow down as it tries to match yours and yours will speed up. Through this physical process the nervous system is excited and a force is generated in the body, which has the side effect to ‘do work’ in your body to open and enhance reduced flows of energy at neuromuscular junctions in your body. When flows are enhanced and opened at the lowest level, then later when cells in this area of the body are replaced, it results in healed tissue.

How do you give a distant healing?

I give distance healing's by being in a meditative state and then establishing a long-distance connection with you, using the reiki long-distance symbol. To establish the connection with the person, pet or place being treated, I use unique identifiers to tune into that frequency of the unique person, place or thing, using items such as full name, geographic location and photographs. I do NOT give a distance healing over the phone or by using any computer tool such as skype. I give the best distance healing by being in a meditative state and this is harder to achieve while engaged on the phone or on the computer. I use several healing techniques. The reiki acupressure healing technique I developed and use for general healing which I call Quicken Touch is used for whole system reiki healing's.

I use Reiki Healing techniques and combine it with my self-developed acupressure method in the distant healing, treating the whole body by activating all main Chinese energy meridians of the body. In my energy healing technique I follow the natural patterns of body activation, which successively raises your body to higher levels of overall vibration (nervous system excitement), resulting in healing work happening in your body from your toes to your head. With each distant healing, I request while doing it, that the 'rise in energy' is used by the recipient in the way that is most beneficial for them. In each distance healing session, I ask to be open for receipt of intuitive messages from the person I'm sending the distance healing to. I might alter my normal technique if something comes up, and will relay to you any insights that come to me after the session is over.

My general reiki distance healing which treats the entire body is a spiritual healing and is non-invasive as I don't work to diagnose any particular ailment nor do I focus energy into any particular part of the body to eliminate symptoms. I feel its effective and efficient to trust that our own healer can best determine how to use this extra energy boost. For example: the pain you feel in your shoulder might be a referred pain due to a blocked artery in the heart. (I think you would agree with me that it would be more important to clear a blocked artery then to reduce the shoulder pain.) Thus I don’t try to second-guess the intelligence we all have inside us, rather I trust that your healer knows how to best use your own energy. Another important aspect, is my vibration is very high so that I don't have to put my hands on the sides of your head to treat a problem there. With higher energy vibration, it is so fine that it easily travels all over the body, wherever it is needed.

How do you treat my specific problem?
When you request that I work on a specific problem or area in the body, then I start out the energy healing session with the request that your higher-self or being guides me to help me treat your problem. I then trust that I am being guided and intuitively use energy healing techniques as I go along. Sometimes it may be as simple as placing my palms on the area which has the problem for the entire session. Other times, it may seem to be beneficial to rise energy everywhere in the body, by doing the general healing technique and then moving onto holding the palms over the area in body with problem.

Can I learn how to do reiki healing myself?
YES, I have an article on my website which is free and gives all information needed to learn my self healing technique which I call Quicken Touch (a reiki & acupressure technique), which can also be used to heal others. It is very effective and came to me intuitively while in my self-healing process. Click here to read it: “How to Heal Your Body” 

What should I do to prepare to receive a distant healing?
You don’t need to DO anything… The best is that you relax and not be concerned about it. The more relaxed you are and the quieter your mind, the more effective the healing is. If you are already skilled with meditation, then it is good to be in a meditative state at the time of the healing. If you are not skilled at meditation, it is best to practice your meditation another time and to just relax during the session.

Is it painful to heal?
During the distant healing you might notice various healing symptoms (detailed above), which indicate signs of healing going on in your body. Normally these symptoms are very fleeting and only last a second or two, and rarely cause discomfort or pain. Sometimes it might be the case that you feel muscular pain, or a sudden contraction of muscles, similar to a Charlie horse and there is a feeling of strong tension in a particular area of the body. This is caused by muscle charges building in various opposing muscles in a targeted body part of the musculoskeletal system by your ‘innate healer’, for the purpose to open up or straighten this area of the body. Most muscles of the musculoskeletal system work in pairs—called agonists and antagonists. During a movement, the muscle responsible for moving the body part contracts or shortens; this muscle is called the agonist. The antagonist muscle acts against or in opposition to the agonist muscle, stretching when the agonist contracts. The antagonist muscle is responsible for moving the body part (often a bone) back or closer to its original and optimal position. If you do encounter tension which feels a bit painful, then try to relax that part of the body and not focus on it as being ‘uncomfortable’, instead try to relax and stay with it until tension is released. When we can come to a place of non-reaction, as the observing presence, while experiencing any kind of painful sensation, often the healing of that body area is more effective because we are allowing energy into this area to do the work needed. It is often when we identify with symptoms as unwanted sensations, that it is experienced as painful because we are resisting or not allowing energy to penetrate that area. There can be several reasons for this, but mostly having to do with old trauma and memories, and we are afraid that if we let energy into that area, then we will feel the pain all over again. Eventually in our healing journey, we will learn that ‘pain’ is actually our friend and a clear sign that tissues are being transformed and healed. Pain is actually a sign of the intense heat of transformation going on, and if you observe closely you can see that on one side of the tissue there is pleasure as the previously painful area is being healed, you can observe the transformation process itself, the fire of transformation, and need not identify either with the pleasure of the healed tissue, nor with the process going on to heal it. You can simply sit back and observe and then there is no pain, but this does take practice…In regards to pain and symptoms, please read my full disclaimer. 

How do I know you are really sending a distance healing and that it works?
I think it is great you asked this question, and you should ask it. There are many distance healers yet not all have the ability to do it very effectively. This doesn’t mean they are cheats, they have a good intention in their hearts, it’s simply that they do not know how effective they are and what is their actual self-realization. Before I offered distant healing, I wanted to make sure it was effective. I did not want to spend my precious time doing this work with the motivation to help others and then find out that I wasn’t helping them at all, rather just building up a fake sense of being helpful for the reason to make money. My heart-felt mission is to help others heal and awaken, and I sure don’t want to be wasting my time doing something that isn’t helping with that. lf what I am doing is not effective, then I will toss it out and find out something to do that works better. To this end, I asked various reiki masters I met to do experiments with me over time to evaluate my effectiveness at distance healing. All of the experiments turned out great, and I was told that my distant healing's are as effective as hands-on reiki healings in person. One master called me a ‘microwave’. I often receive feedback from people I’ve treated that they have experienced profound healing symptoms. It seems the more I heal myself and give others healings, the higher my energy keeps getting and I need to give less treatments to others as I go forward. There is no way I can prove to you that distant healing works, nor can I prove to you that I am an effective spiritual healer. Only you can make this determination from ‘direct experience’, and observing if you are getting better or not or have some kind of reaction to it. A piece of paper of reiki certification and well crafted words are meaningless. I suggest you try it for free with my free distance healing and then leave me a feedback either way as to it’s effectiveness or not. As to the last issue, a true spiritual healer becomes a true spiritual healer after having healed themselves, which also means their awareness level is high and also their spirituality. I actually see that healing is the same as rising awareness, they are two sides of the same coin. With that said, a true spiritual healer wants to raise the awareness of others, to bring all closer to their source, to GOD if you prefer to call it that, that is the main motivation for offering such a service. I cannot knowingly cheat anyone because it is not in my heart to take something I have not earned.

What Should I Do After the Healing Session is Over?
After the session is over I suggest you follow your instincts. If you want to remain lying down or to go to sleep then this you should do as healing will continue as you relax. When you get up be aware you might be a bit dizzy or disorientated so rise slowly to standing position. It is a good idea to drink extra liquids, water is best, to help move out toxins as healing continues to happen over the next few days. If you already practice a self-healing technique, you may want to give yourself a healing after the session while your energetic vibration is still very elevated or to give healing to another person and spread it around. You can really accelerate your healing by doing this.

Thanks for trusting in me to give you a distance healing…
Love & Blessings,


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