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Distant Healing Testimonials

DL from North Carolina

It is a blessing to have been able to have contact with Betsy! The pure love that flows from her in her energy healing sessions and in email correspondence is divine; I suppose that's why it feels so divine. She also provides that unconditional love and acceptance that we all want, along with wisdom and an unmatched level of integrity in all of her interactions with me and I assume with all others. Shaktipat healing helped me on the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels. I have recommended her to others which is the highest compliment I can give. Thank you, Betsy, for sharing your beautiful Self with me/us!!!

JK from New York

Betsy's healing's are powerful. After a few sessions, my RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) went into remission. Her follow up emails are very helpful, she explains in detail what she did and felt. I am grateful to God for helping me find Betsy. Having had energy healing done by other people in the past, l can say with certainty that Betsy is special. Thank you!

JM from Pennsylvania

Betsy is a very good healer and she sincerely cares for your well being. I would recommend her for anyone looking for general healing and spiritual guidance.

IA from California

The Session was incredible. Felt everything she reported during the session. Definitely felt myself vibrating higher after the session. Thank you!!

EB From Nevada

Thank you so much Betsy! My dad in his 90s having caught a pneumonia has been rapidly recuperating physically and mentally from the healing. He is now able to do pretty much everything on his own... back to his old self. Always appreciate all the healing's you have done for me and my family.

AS From Colorado

Just had my first session with Betsy, signed up for 6 of them. I did a 30 minute talk session last week and today was my
first healing session. It was at 5 pm today and I am writing this at 2:30 am. I feel pretty pretty good for being wee
hours of the morning and it was all her I do believe! She gives a very detailed report on what she feels and did with
you long distant, really impressed. She is a very smart gal, easy to talk to, and lots of experience to share with you
which means you need to try her out! She was one of the few that were very reasonable in price which means she really
wants to help you! I think she is awesome!!!

SL From Colorado

Betsy is definitely a gifted healer. I could feel the energies flowing exactly where she mentioned she felt them in her report. I'm looking forward to more healing sessions in the future!

JK From Mississippi

I'm impressed with the power you have. Each session has been a wonder. I have so much energy afterwards that sometimes I feel like I am radiating light and energy and I talk a mile a minute. I wish i knew what to do with it all. I am learning and that's what's important. Thank you

Julia From New York

I have had several distant healing's done by different healers in the past without any immediate or lasting effect. I suffer
from a painful chronic condition. I recently had an hour long healing session with Betsy and to my surprise it worked! My symptoms are 70% better. I have ordered a few more sessions and expect to get better and better. Betsy is the real deal, her energy is powerful. Her writings in her website are also very interesting and insightful. Thanks Betsy

Judith From Florida

I contacted Betsy to help me with chakra activation, as I had been flooded with sensations in my yoga practice, but wasn't sure what it was that I was feeling. The world and terminology of energies are new to me, and wasn't really sure what to ask for, but it didn't matter after all. Within minutes of the appointed time, I could feel the activation and swirling of the chakras strongly. I was clearly able to discern their vibration, as well as Betsy's opening work as she traveled up the chakras. Thanks to this, I'm much more aware of the sensations, that is, I know what I'm looking for now. It has really helped my yoga practice and ultimate healing process. I'm very grateful that Betsy's information is accessible, and that she's able to offer this service for such a nominal fee. What I gained from our session is priceless. Thank you!

Rebecca from Germany

I wasn't sure what to expect, but at the beginning of the healing I felt a strong altered sensation in my mind - like a profound connection had been made. The healing was powerful yet gentle. I am looking forward to the coming days and our session next week! Lots of love!

RJK from India

I came across Betsy's website in November of 2016 and eventually decided to experience a healing session. She was very prompt and helpful in clearing all my queries and I decided to do a healing session for help with my hives. It has been a month since I had the session and I really must say, what a miracle it is. My hives have almost cleared completely. I really don't know what to make of it. I think I was just plain lucky that I got to have a healing from her. I already can't wait to get some more of her healing's this year, I really am starting to believe that a boost to our energies can seriously affect our lives in wonderful ways, thank you very much Betsy, you are a blessing.

A.S. from Kenya

Thank you for the Healing's Betsy. Your intuition and description of the energy flowing during the sessions is amazing and accurate and describes exactly where the symptoms are being experienced for my family and myself.

Emma B. from Denmark

Thank you very much for the healing. I really felt the energy and a huge sense of peace. Interesting, I was thinking during the healing if it is possible to live a life feeling like this? And then you sent these recommendations, which I believe are an answer to my question. After the healing, I needed to go to a celebration and I was very surprised how LOVE was just flowing out of me. It was as if I really was connected with other people in a new way. The next day I had an appointment to work through some family concerns and I really believe your healing helped me through a tough healing process. Afterward, I slept for 12 hours straight. I feel cleared and actually look beautiful as I was before. Thank you!

Christophe from France

Betsy, the sessions have made my dog Macmin much better. Thank you.

Sabine from Switzerland

I am truly grateful for having found your website! You are so talented and such a wonderful soul! We have done 2 healing sessions of 1 hour each and I have been blown away by the strength and power of your healing energy!! Thank you so much for such a source of love & light!! Anyone, who is interested in distance healing but does not know where to go.... Betsy is your safe bet! I would highly recommend her!

EB from California, USA

Just wanted to say thank you for your healings and especially thank you for over seeing my issues. I forgot to mention to also check my lungs. For some reason I've been having shortness of breathe and healing happened there. My left leg feels a lot better and my back felt less tense. Thank you for all your healings, for problems that have come up and for some that was a bit of emergency. You have always helped me and my family physically and spiritually. Thank you so much for always being there. Bless you Betsy.

SE from North Dakota, USA

The shaktipat healing was amazing! I've never had such strong sensations from a healing. My hands were tingling the whole time. My tailbone was also tingling the whole time and at some points it was stronger than a tingling sensation. I felt slight pains, that didn't last long, in my neck and head throughout the healing. I felt waves of sensations running throughout my entire body during the majority of the healing. The next morning I noticed a big change physically. The pain that I have had for a couple of months, due to my fall, was only slightly sore. That is a huge difference compared to the constant pain in my neck, shoulders, chest, head and back. Being able to get out of bed or lift my children without pain is a blessing. I feel lighter, happier. I feel like I'm radiating love and happiness more. I am so pleased with both of the healings. They have been wonderful! Thank you so much!

JD from United Kingdom

Betsy is an absolute wonder. Having now experienced two Shaktipat sessions with her I can whole-heartedly recommend her services to anyone needing a helpful prod along their spiritual path.

Brian from Thailand

As I mentioned the day of your early morning healing I felt pain in the middle of my back in a new place where I don't usually have any pain. I interpret this as probably having released the overworked muscles and reactivating some muscles that weren't being used much and should be. This quickly subsided though and hasn't returned. Although not totally cured I feel marked improvement in my condition. When I first contacted you I had some degree of pain almost 24/7 except when lying completely still in certain positions. Now I have significant portions of my day where there is little to no pain. I think it's improving. Severe pain is usually short lived and is alleviated by rest relaxing and/or changing position.

GW from California

During the shaktipat I felt very tired, barely awake and expanded. I saw the golden light in my minds eye, same as last time and felt very strong energetic shifting in my knees as well as energy running throughout my body. I woke up feeling amazingly refreshed and full of energy. Then I went to see my TCM lady and she noted an improvement in my knees and also said my liver meridian looked much better. I was bursting with energy all the next day and felt inspired to clean my whole house and cook. Energy was wonderful and high all day. Today I am still feeling great with my pain and malaise gone. Also there is much emotional clearing going on with different things bubbling up which I feel and then release to the Sun. Thank you Betsy, you are an truly blessed with a wonderful healing gift and have helped me to shift into a much better state of being.

LP from California

Thank you for the healing energy you sent me, it was intense! I felt it for the whole hour all through out my body while I tried to remain calm. I had dreams related to healing but I can't remember much, I woke up feeling hyper and I'm feeling better and energized overall. Something interesting about the session was I noticed my middle finger flicker (or maybe it was the index). The energy felt soothing and I was very relaxed, it's amazing! I feel like I’m becoming stronger mentally too through your healing because I can confront these issues more clearly. I notice that I feel more positive today and when I clear my mind I still feel the healing energy.


I contacted Betsy in a time of great need and she was able to schedule an appointment promptly. I was very thankful for that! As for the session itself, I felt like a burden had been lifted off of me. I felt this tingling sensation on my scalp and forehead. I had my session at 7pm and she had my report all typed out via e mail an hour later! She was able to tell me what the problem areas were and she was quite spot-on! I have recommended her to some of my friends....

Nicole from Hong Kong

I stumbled upon Betsy's site by chance (perhaps divine plan) and I found Betsy's blog and information very fascinating. I emailed Betsy and she was professional, prompt, compassionate and straightforward. I can tell that Betsy truly cares about her clients which is why I signed up for her sessions. She has been very patient in answering my questions, and has given me insights on my body which I wasn't aware of before. I am grateful for Betsy's site and information she gives on healing and awareness - I can see her dedication to people and her intention to help people awaken and live more fulfilling lives. I've been calmer since our last session. I'm still working with Betsy and I can't wait to see the results!

LS from Maryland

I do distance reiki also and one of my friends told me to check out out Betsy's website. The first one I tried was the free group healing. I just ended a 20 year illness and wanted better relationships with friends/and a to find my soul mate. The day after the session all of the people I have a relationship with in my life called after telling everyone to call me because I don't like emails because of how busy I am with my own website. No one was complying to my wishes. The next day everyone started calling and it has stayed that way! (much to my surprise). I was so pleased I ordered one of the paid for sessions. I was so surprised at the intensity of her healing but more surprised with the report of what happened during it (since being a reiki mater myself I have used about five other healers and they didn't even come close to the energy I received from Betsy's healing). That was the first surprise. The sensations she felt with me during the healing were the exact same feelings I had during the healing so everything was very "spot on". I knew I had a blockage in that spot and was very relived that you picked up on it and did reiki in that area. Betsy is a healer the top of her class. I am definitely going to be doing her healings for a long time to come (That is if she will have me) Namaste and blessings from another reiki master!

Pam from North Dakota

Betsy-I was amazed at the accuracy of your readings. You are obviously genuine and very skilled. I can't thank you enough and I will be scheduling further sessions soon! I will share your site as much as I can. :-)

Martin from Estonia

Betsy, thank you very much for the long-distance reiki session. I felt very much better and healed after the session. It seemed like my body was definitely filled with light & love energy after that. Thanks also for the longer explanation of the process itself. I did trust you to do the long-distance healing because I felt that your energies were pure and light.

Lisa from San francisco, CA

I had a wonderful distance healing with Betsy. I felt relaxed yet heavy during my session and there was warmth throughout my
body. I could feel the energy clearing my head and sinuses. After the session, I was relaxed and felt lighter and happier. I woke up earlier than usual the next day and wasn't tired at all until I returned home from work. I still feel the healing. Betsy offers such kind advice and is extremely intuitive in her observations during the healing.

ZM from Singapore

I just had to tell you. After our Reiki session I feel my sensitivity to energy increased. I feel I felt more sensations during my QT sessions. What's more, about a week after our session I did some QT on my partner. After that, to my utter surprise I managed to pick up on the energy of an entity. I could even feel it was a female and she was quite unhappy! I feel the Reiki has made me more sensitive. Even though I have been told I have a 'gift' for communicating with the other side I had Never been sensitive to such things before! I am now looking around for Reiki teachers in my area. So interesting!

Monika from Canada

Thank you Betsy for the Healing Session. You are a very kind, compassionate and divine soul.You are very correct in your reading. Thank you for your guidance that will surely help me in my healing and spiritual journey.

XS from Spain

Namasté Betsy!! Thank you very much for your reports! I feel a lot of energy, especially in the back and the crown chakra, and an inner feeling that I'm making good progress. I am very happy!! (--Consecutive Shaktipat sessions--)

VS, A senior from Canada

If you are a senior, finding yourself in long term pain and lack of understanding in the world of Kundalini healing energy release, I suggest you may wish to give this mature woman a try for support and understanding. She offered me release from intense pain in times of great need. I am and remain a believer in the power of love to bring you out of the agony of lack and fear. With Betsy's help, I know that I am moving on toward my goal of true freedom, of mind, body and spirit, Thanks Betsy for help, gladly given.

K.D. From Connecticut

"I slept very little last night maybe from the healing, but felt great upon awakening. This healing felt entirely different. I did not feel it consciously. It seems my nervous system felt it because it was activating increased heart rate, head pressure, than all that stopped entirely. I did feel many delicate strokes along my lower spine. Then in the morning when I took a train to my work, my mind took a giant leap and I felt what its like to feel safe in the world. I felt like an iron ball of confidence, not the arrogant type, but this feeling of utter safety and clarity my future is ok, and everything is ok. I am getting teary thinking how great that felt. I made it through the day just great being affected very little by things that would usually upset me. My body tension, which is mostly on my face and teeth, which hurts, was very low today. Most importantly, I laughed today, a lot! This also makes me tear up. I am usually a tired dead serious person. I laughed so much today. I decided what I want for Christmas is to laugh. Thank u so much for such a powerful healing, advice and for a great report that gives me hope for my future."

S.G. from Canada

"Thank you for the healing. I immediately felt energy throughout my body. I got sleepy quite suddenly and dozed off for a bit. I felt at one time there was more energy in the left leg than anywhere else. Then quite suddenly there was a pop in my pelvic bones and my hips actually came up of the sofa where I was laying down. Then just before it was over I let out two big sneezes and dozed off again. I can't wait for our session this week to see what happens. Oh, and my spine and hip bones are doing much better they only ache now if I'm standing or walking too long."

Art from NJ

"I have found Betsy to be an intuitive and powerful healer. She has always been able to tune into my problem areas and help clear blocks and pain. I am often aware of the energy during the sessions and feel the effects for one or two days after. I have had many positive results and would highly recommend Betsy to anyone looking for a healing."

RG from Indiana

"When you reported about drug use, I wanted to tell you I was in a car accident, where I was okay but had a broken forearm and was given pain killers to use. After I had your healing, I haven't touched them or needed them since! My emotional healing is still ongoing and painful at times. During my session I experienced "pins and needles " on my left side around my heart and hip. One of the biggest things was I thought it was a 15 min session and was feeling the effects for an hour and then after an hour I got real warm and tired & slept for almost 13 hours. Then I got your message that you sent me healing energy for an hour and I thought WOW that's why :) ! "

DBL from Pinehurst, NC

I was having a lot of discomfort in my lower legs and feet...During my session with Betsy, I could feel "currents" running up and down my legs and feet. They feel 80% better already!!!!

MC from Arizona

"Betsy is one of the few authentic and genuine healers I have met. She has given me a few but powerful distance healings. After each healing my energy seems to be at a higher level. She is humble, considerate, kind and charges an extremely reasonable rate - all signs of a true healer who has had an authentic Kundalini experience. I recommend her highly. I felt the healing quite strong in the session. I did fall asleep mid way like you have said. After your previous session and off late I have been feeling strong energy at the root chakra with a strong burning sensation and also muscle spasms through out the body when I meditate (some times also during the day)."

MK from Indiana

"Excellent healer, very professional, highly recommended."

AP from California

"Hi, Betsy I just wanted to thank you for the healing I requested about 2 months ago. I requested the free healing because at the moment i'm unemployed and also as a single mom with health issues I decided to give it a try for the free monday healing. I can honestly tell you that I've had many reiki healings in the past in person and distance and I've "never" had a result like yours. My chronic condition is better and for the first time in 3 years I feel good. You are truly amazing and I will be purchasing individual healings as soon as I get better financially. I will definitely recommend you!! Thank You Betsy, you are by far the BEST! "

RW from Oregon

"That was a powerful healing!!! i could feel my body respond to the energy. I felt the energy in my spine and joints , liver and lungs. i don't know if this is common but I have been in deep pain since, had to rest the past two days. Don't know if it's the body's way of healing and ridding it's self of old memories."

CP from Indiana

"Wow Betsy, thank you and most definitely felt your energy strongly. Beautiful report and shakti is very much flowing through me extremely strongly. Thank you so much for everything. I felt the energy (hot) streaming from my root through the crown, thank you for aligning it. You're like a best friend now, the correct person I needed to meet, Genius like. Thank you so much Betsy for everything, definitely felt pinching on the bottom of the souls of my feet, as well as in my left hand there has been twitching."

Gordon Artrias Rosenberg

"I want to let you know that the energy was excellent .. just like an in-person session. I felt it moving through lots of places in the body, very specific from moment to moment. I was especially aware of lower legs and feet for a time, good for me since I don't typically get enough energy down there. Also quite aware of energy coming in through head and flowing down arms to hands for a long time. Experienced what I call "the big hands" feeling for some time, something I used to feel a lot during Reiki and early in life as well. Reminded me so much of an article I once wrote about the experience that I looked it up and reposted it at my writing site afterwards .. great sensation! So yes, no question that your sending is quite effective from my perspective." 

Andrew Preston

"I recently received a Shaktipat from Betsy and must say that it was very positive and worthwhile experience. The results unfolded over the space of a week and were both gentle and yet very obvious. There was a great deal of energy movement in my legs and feet, along with auditory changes that I experienced very clearly. I can whole heartedly recommend this to anyone wishing to make further progress in their own spiritual journey."

Marie from Florida

"I was laid up with severe back pain for 3 and a half weeks, before I met Betsy. With 2 hands on energy treatments, I was able to start moving again. With the 3rd treatment I felt the muscles in my back literally moving, no pain after the 4th treatment. It was fantastic!!! She is a special Lady in my Book!!!! So give her a try. Thank you so much Betsy." 


"Thank you again for the treatment, I feel a lot more relaxed. The day of the treatment I felt a bit unbalanced, my head hurt me a bit too. You had mentioned there was strong energy work was in the head, so I guess that's why I felt unbalanced for awhile. But I feel great now, like not stressed, and my body does not hurt me like before. Thank you so much for your healing light, I am very grateful."   


 "I had wanted to tell you that about 8:30 I was laying down and trying to do a little meditating and I guess I fell asleep [about the time I send the treatment], I woke up about 5 til 10 and was just freezing to death it was not cold in my house, I could not get warm it was like a chill to the bone, my skin wasn't cold I cant explain it, but I sure felt like I was freezing!!! But the rest of the weekend was pretty good. I have been practicing meditating, it seems to be a little easier for me when I am more tired don't know if that matters or not." - Anonymous Remote Feedback: "You mentioned the uterus area and a little pain. Two days ago I starting cramping some like I was going to start my period. However I just had a period two weeks ago. So again, what you felt there is what I have been experiencing here. Also last night I slept like a log. I slept in and did not wake up until almost 10:00 this morning and that is very unusual...then I got up for just about 15 mins and still felt so sleepy that I thought I would just lay down for a min or two...well then I went BACK to sleep and slept another two hours. Even after waking then and still now...I am so sleepy that I feel I could still sleep...It's not that I feel bad...Just very sleepy, like I'm in an intense healing phase or something." 


"I just wanted to update you on what I've experienced through the week. I've had a great deal of lower back pain, and general shooting pain sensations in the very lower back. At night in bed I have been extremely restless and my legs have been driving me mad. They are buzzing, if that's the right word, and stopping me sleeping. (which is fine...) Also, I had a very strange episode with sound last night. I was reading something on my laptop, the tv was on in the background. Sound went very strange, as though I was submerged in a swimming pool, and right at the back of that I could hear some clear sounds. So, overall, this week has been the most active I've felt in terms of energy moving around and things happening. A great and very positive experience."  


"During the hour you sent the Shaktipat, I was mostly in a meditative state, (second half in sava asana and doing a self-recorded yoga nidra practice). I felt energy moving up and down the body at times, located in a few body parts for a few seconds especially tingling sensation on the right hand and skull. Later in the week: I've certainly felt my right leg hurting or should I say tightening up more when I sit in a cross-legged position even just for a short while. I could especially feel the discomfort in my last one or two kundalini yoga lessons. Odd eh?!...You mentioned that after sending the second shaktipat, you mentioned at one point that my right leg meridian had strong tingling sensation."

Gladys from California, USA

"First of all I want to say that I'm pleased to have exchanged a few emails with Betsy; and I believe and feel that she is a wonderful person. I thank God for leading me to her website in amidst of me trying to find more information regarding Reiki. Betsy knew exactly what kind of blockages I have and I received the treatment. The next day I did feel more energy and felt my upper abdomen throb. I didn't know why, but I think it was the energy. The day after that, the throbbing stopped. So it must've been that my organs were using the energy. I will certainly get more treatments from her. I feel interested in Reiki more than ever, especially after experiencing how powerful this celestial energy is. I thank her very much for being who she is. I definitely recommend Betsy's Reiki treatments and for advice."

Thank you!

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