Example Distance Healing Report

The following is an example of the type of distance heaving report you will receive after your healing session. I send these within 24 hours via email after a session is completed. When I give a distance healing or shaktipat I can tell where energy healing is concentrated in the body due to entrainment, but I can't necessarily tell what tissue or organ it is working on in that area nor what might be wrong in that area. I do not offer diagnosis of medical conditions! I can tell when and where healing is happening in the body because I feel healing reactions such as tingles, vibration, prickling or heat (full list below). Sometimes information comes to me intuitively as an image or thought during the healing which I relay to you without interpretation. Sometimes I may sense you need additional information about specific healing techniques, awareness or about the personality and will send that to you too.

Distance Healing Report: June 1, 2013 - 3PM CST

I sent a long distance energy healing at our agreed upon time. I felt a strong connection to you from the beginning to the end of the session. From intuition, I was led to work on the leg meridians, which run through entire body, and energize the base of the spine and elimination system. This I did for the first half of the session until I felt strong activation of the base of the spine and good energy moving through the digestive organs. While doing this I observed energy healing concentrated on right side of body, in stomach area, right chest and shoulder and in head. After this, I energized the root chakra then worked on the stomach and solar chakra by the belly button and then did the chest and heart chakra, which was the remainder of the session. The root chakra activated strongly which tells me you have good energy in the lower body and have a good foundation of being 'grounded' and secure. When I did the solar chakra I felt much work happening in the stomach with prickly tingling sensation of healing and with much gurgling. I also felt energy moving in a circular path through the digestive tract: esophagus, stomach, gallbladder, liver, intestines, etc, going round and round, opening up blocked areas as it circled around. There was much healing happening in opening up right shoulder and some in left shoulder. I felt you have more tension and blockage in upper body than lower body. Several times in the session there were strong openings of energy blocks along the spine with rush of energy after (you may feel these as tingling or suddenly feeling light and airy, calm or see lights in the mind). After an opening like this energy rushes into the mind with strong healing there. I felt much release of tension from the chest while doing the heart chakra, which may have been a release of held emotional energy. I feel the session was strong and effective and you should notice improvement for your concerns.

Thank you for trusting in me to give you a distant energy healing. I sincerely hope it helps you with your spiritual and healing concerns. It is a good idea to stay well-hydrated after an energy healing (water is best), to help move out toxins. I would love to hear back from you in regards to what you observed during the session and any healing reactions you notice now or going forward. Please consider leaving me a Feedback that I can use as a testimonial of my healing skills on my website. You can remain anonymous.

Love & Blessings,


Healing is a process that involves your entire system. To come to full healing, all parts of the body must be healed, which includes the mind, emotion, spirit and body. Energy healing by itself is not enough to restore our health. To heal, on a daily basis, we need to eat nutritious foods, exercise, meditate and practice self-inquiry to change our conditioned reactions to life. An energy healing cannot make you change; only you can do that. An energy healing often gives clarity, revealing aspects you need to change.

After an energy healing, it is good to rest and drink more fluids to help heal and move out toxins. After a healing it can be hard to sleep that night as the nervous system is highly charged and you may feel hyper. This need not be a concern because even if you do not sleep deeply, you will wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.

It is normal to feel healing reactions during and for a few days after a healing session. Energy healing's can also have healing effects for months afterwards, due to opening up and strengthening nervous channels. Most energy healing reactions typically have a short life span of a few seconds and up to thirty minutes and then recede. It is unusual to experience more than one at a time and for extended periods. It is possible to have a stronger reaction called a Healing Crisis http://www.falconblanco.com/health/crisis.htm IMPORTANT: If you have a symptom that feels painful, unusual or lasts a long time, do not hesitate to contact a medical health professional!

Common healing reactions are tingling, numbness, muscle cramps, intestinal rumbling, passing gas, belching, jerks, twitches, muscle spasms, spontaneous body movement, tones heard in ears, seeing 'stars' or flashing lights, strange dreams, chills, hot flashes, shivering, sweating, sudden change in hearing, ringing in ears, enhanced vision, taste, smell or sense of touch, change in thirst, food cravings, fatigue, insomnia, rashes, pimples, hives, insects crawling on skin, itching, headache or skull pressure, cracking or popping sound in skeleton or skull bones, popping in ears, muscle aches, joint swelling, sneezing, change in bowel movements, sinus drainage, jaw clicks, change in urination, falling asleep during treatment, rapid eye movements, body vibration, recall of repressed memory or trauma, strong emotional reactions, spontaneous laughing or crying, shocks in body, strong rush of energy along spine with tingling, numbness in any part of body, change in perception and insights.