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Questions & Feedback for Betsy

Feel free to ask questions about distant healing, reiki healing, shaktipat, kundalini awakening and self healing issues. Please use this form to make any comment, ask any question or leave feedback from a healing session. If you are leaving a feedback, please indicate if I can use your feedback or not on my testimonials page. All fields must be filled in to send the message. Make sure your email is valid or I can't answer!!!

NOTICE: At this time my email address at distance-healings.com has been spammed so much it no longer works. Until I can repair this website I have disabled all contact and order forms until it is fixed. This also means I am not giving distance healings or consults at this time. If you need to contact me please use one of my other websites to do so:

Phoenix Tools

Our Light Body

Sorry for any inconvenience. Love Betsy




My main interest in life is to help others reach higher states of self-realization, so if you ask me a question you can be sure I am going to do my best to answer it. By asking your question you can inspire me and my answer can help others as I share good answers more widely in my blog. Keep asking your questions! If you feel my answer is helpful to you or you feel it is worthy I would ask a favor in return. You can help me by referring someone to me who you think might benefit from my services or you could place a link back to this site somewhere out there in the world wide web or in a social network. The more sites that link to my site the higher up I go in search results which would greatly help me.

Thank-you for your questions and help!

Love & Blessings,