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About the Distance Healer Betsy

I was born in Wisconsin and much of my life I have been lucky to live in areas near unspoiled nature with forests, and water as rivers, seas or oceans. Perhaps, because of this, I feel very strongly connected to nature. My spirit animal is the Red-tail hawk which is also called BlackHawk in Wisconsin & Illinois. I like to do any activity that is outside or having to do with Mother Earth, which includes walking, gardening or just observing or meditating. I love all animals and children and like to be around them, I can easily communicate with them and know what they want. For five years, I lived in an intentional spiritual community in Spain. From this experience I learned a lot about myself and relating to others, as well as learning self-sufficiency, independent living and about sustainable and ecological lifestyles. I live in Madison, Wisconsin, United States.

In August of 1999, I experienced a profound spiritual awakening and my life has never been the same since. Soon after this, I quit my job as a computer programmer and my full time job became working towards self-realization, because I knew it was the most important thing I could do. I realized because we are all one, if I made an essential change in myself, then by doing so I would change all beings. I realized it was NOT true what is commonly repeated: You can't change other people, you can only change yourself. Rather the truth is: You CAN change other people and you do it by changing yourself. Now that is where the real power is!!! I had been meditating daily for many years and doing alternative therapy treatments including sungazing, AA 12 steps, tai-chi, yoga, fasting, colon cleanse, liver cleanse, lemon cleanse (master cleanse), self-questioning, and working transpersonally to unpeel the layers of my personality. Over the years, I was gaining self-knowledge and receiving insights into the mystery of awareness, spirituality and personality, always progressing and gradually taking steps. In November of 2005, after receiving an insight, it was clear I needed more energy in order to raise my awareness as high as possible in order to take further steps. At this time, I lengthened my daily practice and along with the sitting meditation added in barefoot walks, transpersonal breathing, qigong and learned reiki healing and started giving myself treatments. As soon as I started self reiki therapy, my body responded to it, my momentary awareness heightened and the first signs of profound changes to my nervous system started. I was hooked on reiki therapy and gave myself 6 hours per day of it non-stop. A little after this in January of 2006, I experienced a full blown kundalini awakening and dna activation, with profound changes happening in my central nervous system. Since that day, it has never let up and I have been undergoing a profound, miraculous physical transformation and complete healing of my body, including being healed of a congenital defect in my neck, skull and joints. The first years of this were the most challenging thing I ever experienced, pushing me to go beyond myself at all levels of being: self-sovereignty, intellect, emotions and the physical body. To give an idea of what it’s been like to go through, the most similar thing I can think of is to undergo an intense physical therapy or rehabilitation of your entire body. These days, the reaction has calmed down very much and now I focus on sharing what I've learned with others. I just published a kundalini testimonial, covering my first year of the kundalini awakening. You can read it by clicking on the Our Light Body link below.

For creative ways to express myself, I like to write articles poetry, take photos, and create website's. I still do daily meditation and give myself reiki self-healing sessions. I have recently published my first book covering my first year of kundalini transformation, the entire book can be read online for free and is also available in print and electronic formats.

Our Light Body Our Light Body: A Kundalini Awakening Testimonial

My main intention as healer is to empower others to take on their own healing and spiritual process, because I understand that this is the best way to come to a full healing which is the same as being fully awakened. To this end I am writing books and articles with the intention to distribute them more widely in the future, hoping to eventually raise money for a non-profit, which can then be used for retreat centers and hands on learning work shops.

Love & Blessings,

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