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Welcome to My Reiki Distance Healing Website!

I am a natural intuitive healer and reiki certified. I have worked with self-healing, self-inquiry and meditation for over twenty years and have been giving distance healing for more than ten years. I had a spiritual awakening in 1999 and a kundalini awakening in 2005. After the kundalini awakening, spontaneous healing started and is correcting a congenital birth defect. I am a published author and you can read my kundalini awakening testimonial for free at OurLightBody.

From my experience, I learned that to be an effective healer of others I must first heal myself. Because of my self-healing efforts, I feel my skill as healer is very effective. Please read the testimonials from my clients.

I offer reiki distance healing, chakra balancing, shaktipat, healing of pets, places and past events and consultation support on phone for kundalini awakening, kundalini syndrome and spiritual emergency. For convenience, you can order a session below but PLEASE read about my reiki healing services before you order. That page gives detailed information how sessions are done, gives scheduling information, etc. You can also order from that page.

IMPORTANT: *** Average Wait time to get appointment is 3 days. I work Monday through Saturday, excluding major USA holidays. ***

NOTICE: At this time my email address at distance-healings.com has been spammed so much it no longer works. Until I can repair this website I have disabled all contact and order forms until it is fixed. This also means I am not giving distance healings or consults at this time. If you need to contact me please use one of my other websites to do so:

Phoenix Tools

Our Light Body

Sorry for any inconvenience. Love Betsy

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