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Welcome to My Reiki Distance Healing Website!

Betsy is a natural intuitive healer and reiki certified. She has been working with self-healing and daily meditation for over twenty years and has been giving distance healings for more than ten years. In recent years, she has worked intensively on self-healing and has given herself thousands of hours of reiki treatments. From this effort, she got a surprising result and a spontaneous healing and kundalini awakening was triggered in late 2005. Now she is near to being fully healed from a congenital birth defect and being fully self-realized, thus her vibration is very high. She is a published author and you can read her kundalini testimonial on-line at OurLightBody.

From her experience, she learned that to be an effective healer of others she must first heal herself. Because of her extensive healing work, her energetic vibration is very high and is the main reason why her long-distance reiki treatments are so effective. She can easily maintain a quiet mind state for extended period and thus raise her and your energetic vibration high, which is ideal for healing. Several people sensitive to energy have reported that her distance sessions feel like in person sessions. She has even been called a microwave. Most people notice healing effects during and after a session. Please read the testimonials from her clients.

As a gifted intuitive healer, Betsy provides reiki distance healing, chakra balancing, shaktipat, healing of pets, places and past events and help with kundalini syndrome. As a shortcut, you can order a session below but PLEASE read about her reiki healing services before you order, as that page gives all the detail on how sessions are done and gives scheduling information, etc. You can also order from that page.

IMPORTANT: **** I will be on Vacation from August 18th - August 28th and will not be available for scheduling sessions during that time. *****

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Distance Healing, Shaktipat, Phone Consulation
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IMPORTANT: Please be sure to add my email address to your safe sender or contact list, so that my correspondence to you does not land in the spam folder. I respond to all requests within 24 hours. If you don't hear back from me be sure to check your spam folder. All of my distance ehalings and shaktipats are done meditatively, they are NOT done over the phone or using Skype.


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